Multimodality Healing Sessions (this is what Laura is most known for)

Multi-modality healing sessions include Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Tuning forks and a Channeled Reading. This is a multi-dimesional multi-bodied energy realignment.  The channeled information includes foods to incorporate, crystals, essential oils/flower essences,power animals, past lives, guides, and specific meditations and rituals to do. This "homework" helps the client to stay in alignment, get centered, become empowered and grow and heal exponentially.  1.5-2 hours

***BECAUSE THIS IS MY MOST POPULAR SERVICE AND IS TYPICALLY BOOKED 1-2 months out. I HAVE A 36 hour cancellation policy. IF you cancel 36 hours or less before appointment time, you will be required to pay the full $180


Upon your request, Laura will tap in and read your energy field, physical, mental and emotional bodies to see which crystals would be best for you to work with.  This is a great 10 min mini reading for only $25. 


Intuitive Readings (phone and in person):

 Laura's intuitive readings include much of the same type of information that comes up in her multimodality healing sessions but without the energy work and aren't as in depth.  Specific questions can be asked. Cost:$2/min


Energy Clearing/Chakra Balancing:

This is a 45 min treatment focusing on clearing the energy field by removing densities/hooksand cords with sound, smoke, crystals and other tools. The aura will be refilled and the chakras balanced.  This does not include a channeled reading. Cost: $90